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Hon. Minister Bah Receives Prestigious Digital Icon Award in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Hon. Ousman Bah, has been honored with the distinguished “Icon Award” at the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI) Round Table and Awards 2024 held in Dubai. The accolade according to SWFI is in recognition of the Honourable Minister Bah’s immense contributions and leadership in the digital transformation sector following the Minister’s presentation of end of year impactful achievements to the country.

The recognition by SWFI reflects the Ministry’s substantial accomplishments throughout the year and its pivotal role in driving digital transformation within the country. The Icon Award is a part of SWFI’s commitment to acknowledging individuals whose exceptional efforts have significantly impacted their respective fields.

Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan, Chairman of SWFI, highlighted the meticulous selection process for nominees, ensuring that only those whose achievements align with the award’s essence are considered. The “Icon Award Winner” title bestowed upon Hon. Minister Bah reaffirms his visionary principles and remarkable contributions to the digital landscape.

Hon. Ousman Bah expressed gratitude for the prestigious recognition, emphasizing the collective efforts of the Ministry in advancing the digital agenda. The award serves as both an affirmation of past accomplishments and a motivation for continued dedication to driving digital excellence in The Gambia.

The Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy extends its appreciation to SWFI for this esteemed honor and remains steadfast in its commitment to pioneering digital initiatives for the benefit of the nation.

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The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI) is a globally recognized organization dedicated to providing insights and intelligence on sovereign wealth funds, pensions, endowments, and other long-term institutional investors. With its headquarters and online platform at, SWFI serves as a premier resource for financial professionals, policymakers, and researchers seeking comprehensive data and analysis in the realm of institutional investing. Through its rigorous research methodologies, SWFI offers a wealth of information, including market trends, investment strategies, and notable achievements within the financial landscape. As a trusted source, SWFI plays a pivotal role in promoting transparency and understanding in the complex world of sovereign wealth and long-term asset management.

Among the highlights of the event are expert round table on sovereign wealth funds and the launch of a USD$150 multi-million global education delivery breakthrough technology and awards.

On the education front, SWFI through their partnership with Prince Ebrahim Future Africa Foundation, Senegal, and The Gambia are among 5 other African countries that have been selected for delivery of the pilot project for futuristic educational technology delivery services.

The attendees of the event included key drivers in adopting and investing in breakthrough technologies, that is shaping the future of wealth management. They comprised of representatives from Royal family offices, sovereign wealth funds, sovereign development funds, pension funds, policy makers etc, sharing their insights on technology and investment. Their experiences in navigating technology-backed investment platforms in a fast-changing world will provide valuable insights in harnessing technological advancements for sustainable socioeconomic prosperity around the world.

Notwithstanding the above, attendee also engaged in exploratory discussions on how leveraging technologies (e.g AI and the Web 3) can be for societal advancement and economic growth; and how the said technologies are revolutionizing industries, creating new opportunities, and redefining the future of governance, business, and investments