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Directorate of Cybersecurity

The Directorate of Cybersecurity is in charge of Cybersecurity Policy and Governance for The Gambia Government on behalf of the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy.



The Cybersecurity Directorate shall be responsible for the development, implementation and coordination of the national Cybersecurity initiatives, in close collaboration with relevant Stakeholders.  The Directorate of Cybersecurity shall organize governance and implementation of the Cybersecurity strategy. The Directorate shall also advise the permanent secretary of MOCDE as well as propose within the limits set by government, the appropriate policies, legislations, regulations, measures, or standards to be implemented to protect critical infrastructures and to ensure security of networks and information systems in the country.  The Directorate shall coordinate with GM-CSIRT for national cyber threat intelligence as well as with other Law Enforcement bodies, including, National Security agencies and the Military. The Directorate will also collaborate with the national Cybersecurity Commission/Committee to jointly coordinate the implementation of the Strategy. The Directorate through MOCDE shall continually enhance international cooperation in Cyber law and in response to cyber threats. The Directorate shall coordinate and act as a liaison between law enforcement and other bodies in combating Cybercrime (either policy, legal or programmes) which includes regional and global bodies. The Directorate and GM-CSIRT will support and participate in international research projects and the exchange of experts in Cybersecurity to enhance capabilities, among others.

Mr. Sanusi Drammeh

Director of Cybersecurity