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🌐Digital Cooperation Assembly Unveils Future Initiatives in Bahrain!

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡² The Gambia, a proud founding member of the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO), took center stage as Honourable Ousman A. Bah, the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, attended the DCO General Assembly in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

πŸŽ‰ The Assembly, a momentous occasion, provided a unique platform to reflect on collective achievements and unveil new strategic initiative partnerships that will shape the future of digital cooperation. With 15 member states representing over 800 million people, the DCO is charting the course for a digitally connected future.

πŸš€ *Driving Digital Cooperation Deliver Impact Initiative: Transforming The Gambia’s Digital Landscape!*

Hon. Bah shared exciting news about The Gambia’s remarkable progress through the DCO’s “Drive for Digital Cooperation Deliver Impact” initiative. Here are the key highlights:

*1. Submarine Cable Project:*
– 🌐 The Gambia is exploring the establishment of an additional submarine cable, aligning seamlessly with our national vision for enhanced connectivity.
– πŸ’‘ This transformative project holds the promise of reshaping our digital landscape and fostering greater economic and social opportunities.

*2. Digital Governance Collaboration:*
– 🀝 Cooperation between the Digital Governance Authority (DGA) in Saudi Arabia and The Gambia’s Information and Communication Technology Agency (GICTA) is in the works.
– 🌍 This partnership aims to leverage best practices and knowledge-sharing, contributing to the digital governance agenda of both nations.

*3. Digital Payment Infrastructure Initiative:*
– πŸ’³ Actively engaged in discussions around digital payment infrastructures, The Gambia is fostering collaboration between the Saudi Central Bank and The Gambia’s Central Bank.
– πŸš€ This initiative aligns closely with our vision for digital transformation, bringing cutting-edge financial technologies to the forefront.

🌍 *Global Collaboration: The Gambia’s Commitment to DCO Principles!*

Hon. Bah emphasized The Gambia’s commitment to fostering global collaboration and embracing the principles of the DCO. The country declared its unwavering commitment to building robust and enduring bilateral partnerships with all DCO member states.

🀝 *Open-Door Policy: Inviting Meaningful Engagement!*

Recognizing the transformative potential of international cooperation in the digital realm, The Gambia extends an open-door policy, inviting meaningful engagement, dialogue, and collaboration with fellow DCO member nations. Together, we are shaping a connected and empowered future for our citizens.

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